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Women in Tech forum highlights - Europan Space Agency and Finland

12.10.2017 The bi-annual Women in Tech Forum in Helsinki brought on stage also European Space Agency Chief Diversity Officer Ersilia Vaudo Scarpetta.

Lean methodology helps you validate your business idea quickly

28.09.2017 If you are an entrepreneur or a startup and struggling to get the right audience and customers, I would acclaim Lean workshop hosted by Digirockstars at Microsoft Flux is one of the best workshops to be present and this will be an interesting article for you.  

How culture impacts on sales organized by Aalto Ventures Program

22.09.2017 Startups today are talking about good company culture, but, how can we achieve it? Samuli Rantala joined us as a keynote speaker at the Wednesday workshop, 20.09.2017, on How culture impact sales, hosted by Aalto Ventures Program.

CollectiveCrunch closes seed round, brings on board experienced industry executives

20.09.2017 CollectiveCrunch, an analytics company that utilizes machine learning to combine technical, climate and geo data for the benefit of industries such as forestry, has closed an EUR 250,000 seed financing round.

Season opening brunch was a success

08.09.2017 Aalto Start- Up Center's season kick-off brunch was the place to be!

Visualisers of the effects of climate change and weather information winners of the NASA Europa Challenge competition (

01.09.2017 The judges decided to award the first prize to two of the teams: AgroSphere developed by an American team and World Weather developed by a Jordanian team.

Bisnesdates: Impact of Startups

25.08.2017 The kick start of autumn season of Bisnesdates started Friday 24.8. with discussion about the impact of Startups at Aalto Design Factory.

Aalto Studios and Supercell to help Game Developers

24.08.2017 Supercell has granted EUR 250,000 for Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

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