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Aalto University and GE Healthcare expand their cooperation (

18.08.2017 The areas of cooperation include healthcare data analytics and artificial intelligence as well as start-up activities.

NASA searches for the most imaginative applications in Helsinki (

17.08.2017 Satellite data will be harnessed to aid sustainable development. With satellite data, NASA Europa Challenge finalists predict wildfires and enable people with allergies to analyse pollen dispersion.

Aalto Start-Up Center portfolio company ZenTreasury raises seed funding

15.08.2017 ZenTreasury, the cloud based Treasury Management System (TMS) provider, has announced an undisclosed seed funding.

Startup employees - welcome to Helsinki

10.08.2017 Helsinki is a top city for startup workers.

Farewell - Hyvää jatkoa!

04.08.2017 It is my last day of Internship at Aalto Start-up Center and I realise that time does fly when you are having a good time.  I started my internship in June and here I am writing a farewell message.

Usetrace - from Aalto Start-Up Center to 500 Startups

01.08.2017 We had the opportunity to speak to our alumnus Usetrace and see how they are doing.

Startups on the look for team members

30.06.2017 "In search of team Members" was organised and hosted by Helsinki Growth Alliance and NewCo Helsinki on 28th June, 2017.

Do you Know How to win in China? By TechCode Finland

28.06.2017 "Do you Know how to win in China" was organised by Techcode Finland on 27th June. The event was targeting start-ups and other relatively new businesses which aspire to take their business to the ever fast paced Chinese market.

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