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Helsinki NASA Europa Challenge 2017


Utilize Satellite, UAS and Spatial Data to Make Earth More Livable!

Never before has there been such abundance of and access to the space assets of satellite data as we have today. In addition to NASA and ESA, even private companies such as Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, Planet Labs and others, are building our future space infrastructure, whether it’s Earth Observation or Mission to Mars.

At the same time, humanity is facing an existential crisis right here on Earth directly related to climate change, population explosion, urbanization and alienation associated with robotization and digitalization of daily life. The danger to civilization related to these issues makes livability and even sustainability, a serious challenge. For this reason, NASA, with the motto ‘for the benefit of all,’ along with Helsinki call upon you to join a global challenge for innovative solutions utilizing spatial data to improve urban living and sustainability. The climax for the NASA Europa Challenge 2017 will be in Helsinki Finland, one of the most livable cities on Earth (EIU report).

Finals in Finland 29th – 31th of August 2017:
29th – 30th in Aalto University Campus Espoo
31th in Nokia Executive Experience Center, Espoo

Your Challenge:

NASA & ESA provide you with a world class open source virtual globe platform, WorldWind. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use it for visualization of geospatial analytics. We invite students, academia and industry to share with us a sample of your brilliance by participating in this global challenge, for the benefit of all! The challenge is to develop an app that makes life more livable and sustainable. Be creative and practical in your enterprise for a smart and sustainable city. Build solutions that will improve life in Helsinki or any other city. Show the world how we can better manage our urban infrastructure and aspire to Helsinki livability.

Data Intelligence:

This could involve satellite data for optimum agricultural methods or use unmanned aerial systems (UAS) data to map buildings, terrain, vegetation analyses, road conditions, optimum transportation, and more. Find the data or generate the data, your leadership for a more livable city in the area of ultra-tech will help the world! Your web app can utilize any type or number of data sources. You are entirely free to come up with new ways for data access, analysis and visualization.

Organizers: NASA, Ultrahack, Aalto University, University of Helsinki, Digital Forum Finland

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