The accelerator offers entrepreneurs an extensive network of experienced business professionals.

How can I become a Mentor?

We are delighted to collaborate with people interested in mentoring. Our general mentoring principles are outlined below. If you are an experienced business professional and interested in mentoring, please send us an email with your background and experience to: marika.paakkala(a) We will then contact you for further discussions. 

Our General Mentoring Principles! 

Our overall goal in mentoring is to improve the long-term functioning of start-ups and help them to develop their network.

We strive to find every start-up a mentor that suits their situation, needs and development stage. We consider the mentors’ background, know-how and interests to ensure maximum compatibility.

The role of the mentor

A mentor acts as an advisor and supporter, not as a consultant. Mentors offer invaluable benefit to start-ups through their authority, experience, contacts and understanding of the real business scene. Mentors act on a voluntary basis.

Activity in practice

Successful mentoring is based on perseverance, openness and mutual trust. The process requires two-sided commitment from the mentor and the company being mentored.

The Start-Up Center matches the mentor with the right company and then coordinates the mentoring activities. The mentor can be introduced to potential start-ups in a personal meeting or through a specific event.

When a start-up and a mentor announce that they are interested in starting a mentoring relationship, they sign a mentoring contract together with the Start-Up Center. The accelerator provides all parties with the appropriate forms.

The mentor and company then agree on their individual targets, schedules and manner of their collaboration.

The Start-Up Center supervises and assists the mentoring by cooperating with the mentor. This is done primarily through one of the accelerator’s business coaches and is designed ensure the quality of the mentoring.

The Start-Up Center organizes various events related to mentoring, of which mentors are always kept informed.  

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