Aalto Start-Up Center business accelerator offers investors a number of excellent companies that are looking for fast and effective ways to reach international markets. These efforts require capital. Our accelerator operates with approx. 80 companies a year. In addition, we have access to approx. 750 post-accelerator firms.

We organize annually several pitching events with our trusted partners, as welll as seminars and other events. These seminars showcase the investment potential of start-up companies to private equity investors and businesses.

Investor programs are agreed between Aalto Start-Up Center and investor's on a case by case basis. In addition, we organize other matchmaking and or networking events involving accelerator firms, mentors, investors and other actors within the stakeholder Group on an annual basis.

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Contact Marika Paakkala, Aalto Start-Up Center, Project Director for more information: marika.paakkala(a)


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