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When you have founded a company and formed a business plan, you are can apply to our business accelerator. We do not require you to have a degree in business or prior experience in the field. The company must be Finnish, possess a business ID (Y-tunnus) and be no more than three years old. The type of company does not matter, but we recommend forming a public limited company. To initiate the application process, fill in the form below and provide us with the CVs of the company’s key people.

If we deem your company appropriate for the accelerator’s profile and find your business idea sufficiently scalable, we will meet you and your team in person and discuss the best alternatives for accelerating your business forward.

We are especially interested in scalable, technology-based business ideas as well as start-ups from creative fields. The offering itself can be a physical product, a service or a combination of both. All uses of technology that increase scalability are seen as a plus.

In the final part of the evaluation we familiarize ourselves with your business plan and discuss it in detail. After acquiring all the necessary material our business advisor will form a selection report, which will be handled in our weekly staff meeting together with selection reports of other applicants. Within 1-2 weeks of acquiring all the relevant material, we will make the final decision regarding your application.


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