Alumni companies

Here you can find our alumni companies.

  • 0.7 Design

    0.7 Design

    0.7 design is a design agency helping young Finnish designers and craftsmen gain new markets from outside of Finland.

  • 3Di Oy

    3Di Oy


  • Ab Pen & Hammer Oy

    Ab Pen & Hammer Oy

    Pen & Hammer specialise in the design, sourcing and project management of property developments for both professional and private clients. Our customers range from building managers, to property developers and marketing companies.

  • Adensy Oy

  • AdLaunch


    More info coming.

  • Agience Oy

    Agience Oy

    Agience boosts business applications with smart algorithms and coordinates long-term R&D&IP strategy to make your innovation true.

  • Aikumo Oy

    Aikumo Oy

    Aikumo is a software company utilizing data analytics in the energy, machine building and process industries.

  • Aimo Design Oy

    Aimo Design Oy

    We create new scenarios for sustainable life style by design thinking.

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 50 380 8107

  • AJAN Consulting Oy

    AJAN Consulting Oy

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 10 387 4750

  • Altonova Oy

    Altonova Oy

    Altonova is a coaching and training company specializing in creative approach to top performance. The approach is internationally unique – it has scientific and artistic base.

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 45 1335845

  • Alt Finance Oy

    Alt Finance Oy

    Alt Finance Oy focuses on new type of working capital funding for Finnish sme’s. Our team is particularly interested in providing new alternative finance solutions through our marketplace.

  • Arctic Football Oy

    Arctic Football Oy

    Arctic Football Forum develops data analytics tools and organizes conferences for football professional and football enthusiasts.

  • Arkkitehdit Rudanko+Kankkunen Oy

    Arkkitehdit Rudanko+Kankkunen Oy

    We are the Helsinki-based architecture firm Rudanko+Kankkunen. Our company is founded in 2010 by us two young&adventurous architects, Hilla Rudanko and Anssi Kankkunen. We design buildings and urban spaces for public, non-profit and private clients in Finland and around the world. Our expertise is ecological and socially sustainable design.

  • ArtShortCut Oy

    ArtShortCut Oy

    Malminkatu 36, 00100 Helsinki

    +358 20 769 9980

  • Aspectus Ltd

    Aspectus Ltd

    Aspectus provides solutions and services for global development and partnership. We help our customers on fundraising, communication and project cycle management.

  • AudioDraft Oy

    AudioDraft Oy

    AudioDraft is a web service that brings audio sourcing available for everyone. Any company or individual can order custom made audio from a community consisting of artists and audio designers. Social Audio Sourcing is the new and innovative way of ordering audio.

  • Bankiton! Oy

    Bankiton! Oy

    Bankiton! utilizes the power of crowdsourcing & co-creation to help Finnish leading financial providers and Fintech start-ups to gain sustained community involvement and collective intelligence.

  • Benefitor Oy

    Benefitor Oy

    Benefitor Oy is a provider of integrated marketing solutions including the use of internet, email, text messages and bluetooth.

  • Better Life Transport

    Better Life Transport

    More info coming!

  • BFIX Oy

    BFIX Oy

    Innovative Solutions for Cyclists

  • Bidgram Oy

    Bidgram Oy

    More info coming!

  • BlastaBrand


    More info coming!

  • Blue Berry Communications & IR Oy

    Blue Berry Communications & IR Oy

    Blue Berry Communications & IR Oy is a boutique communications & IR agency specialized in financial and investor communications for stock exchange listed companies. Blue Berry also implements financial communications services more and more often for non-listed companies.

    The value-add of a good financial communications to the company’s reputation and corporate image is priceless. Blue Berry Communications & IR provides outsourced IR Manager as a service, and a wide variety of financial communications projects from equity stories to interim reports and AGM services.

    Blue Berry also develops a totally new kind of service portfolio for IR and financial communications services.

    Ask for more details about our services!

  • Bocap SME Advisors Oy

    Bocap SME Advisors Oy

    Bocap rahoittaa kunnianhimoisia yrityksiä.

    Olemme suomalainen riippumaton pääomasijoitusyhtiö. Missionamme on vauhdittaa kilpailukykyisten suomalaisten pk-yritysten kotimaista ja kansainvälistä kasvua.

  • Booxmedia Oy

    Booxmedia Oy

    We bring innovative way to place and play shift TV and video, that covers needs of consumers and media houses with flexible business models.

  • Brink Helsinki Oy

    Brink Helsinki Oy

  • Caroom Oy

    Caroom Oy

    We in Caroom develop the next generation parking app.

  • Eliademy/CBTec Oy

    Eliademy/CBTec Oy

    Eliademy is a free online classroom that allows educators and students to create, share and manage online courses with real-time discussions and task management. The platform is intuitively simple, provides a rich course editor, private video storage and lots of other features that help creating online courses. It is free for individual instructors, educational and no-profit organizations.

    Eliademy is made in Finland, country famous for its educational system, by a team that consist of 8 nationalities, 22 localization volunteers and community of users from 160 different countries. It is named by EdTec Europe as one of 20 fastest growing and most innovative e-learning companies.

  • Change Pilot Oy

    Change Pilot Oy


  • Cloudingsky Oy

    Cloudingsky Oy

    Cloudingsky is developing first class web applications with big ambitions. It's real time, it's location based and it's social.

  • Communicea Oy

    Communicea Oy

    Communicea brings communication closer to business and improves the efficiency of communication by processing communications activities.

  • Comteam CT Oy

    Comteam CT Oy

    Comteam is a management consulting agency with IR, PR, Communications and Marketing experience. Our vision is to support customers to gain a position as forerunners in their field. We want to be a strategic partner when it comes to communications, marketing and PR.

  • Contentum Oy

    Contentum Oy

    Contentum Oy offers B-to-B services relating to innovations, IPR, information analysis/mining and other business consulting. When you are in too much hurry to find out the information needed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also help you with your innovation strategy.


  • Createtrips, Inc. Oy

    Createtrips, Inc. Oy

    Createtrips is a travel planning service where you can plan what are you going to do on your next trip.

  • Creatimagia


    More info coming!

  • Cresco Metrics Oy

    Cresco Metrics Oy

    Cresco Metrics Ltd develops enjoyable talent management tools. The first service is a personnel assessment tool that redefines recruitement.

  • Cuckoo Workout

    Cuckoo Workout

    Cuckoo Workout is a browser based service that activates
    employees during the workday.

  • Cushy Software Oy

    Cushy Software Oy

    More info coming!

  • Dealmachine Oy

    Dealmachine Oy

    Dealmachine produces sales and marketing IT-services.

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 45 119 9309

  • Helsinki Deli Piste Oy

    Helsinki Deli Piste Oy

    Deli Piste is a new online food ordering platform started in Helsinki area, which focus is to satisfy companies' demand for a quality catering service marketplace that is quickly and develop an efficient network for caterers. Companies can browse menus and prices that are suitable for their events and conveniently place the order via our website, phone app, phone calls and SMS. Currently, our service area covers Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa with over 1 400 000 residents.





    Designium Brand Group Oy develops, produces and promotes the design and fashion collections by Marita Huurinainen. The WAVE Collection is an elegant, light and comfortable summer shoe with a unique design and made of wood. The WILD Collection is an elegant and light fur accessories collection. By using wild fur it offers an ethical and responsible alternative for wearing fur.

  • Digital Living Finland Oy

    Digital Living Finland Oy

    Digital Living provides a Personal Knowledge Management service to help Internet-solutions better connect with you.

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 50 524 5730

  • Double issue Oy

    Double issue Oy

    Double issue Oy is run by designers Marjo Kuusinen and Piia Keto. Our company consist two fields; accessory label KAKSITVÅ and design office that creates solutions for all purposes.

  • DQS Finland Oy

    DQS Finland Oy

    Certification body developing new, more flexible IT-solutions for communication.

  • e-House Oy

    e-House Oy

    e-House Oy tarjoaa kokonaisvaltaista rakennuttamiskonsultointipalvelua uuden palvelukonseptin muodossa.

    +358 40 132 7801

  • Easyeat Oy

    Easyeat Oy

    Easyeat Ltd. provides web-based tools for nutritional guidance and daily meal planning for professionals at health care and wellbeing sectors.

  • Ecompter Oy

    Ecompter Oy

    A modern turn-key online service for environmental reporting and communication for hotels and other premises.

  • Glome Oy

    Glome Oy

    Glome is a service for individuals to take control of and benefit from their digital footprint and to personalise web's offerings with full anonymity.

  • EduFun Oy

    EduFun Oy

    More info coming!

  • Efekta Oy

    Efekta Oy

    Sales & strategy services for testing and developing new business models, customer segments, sales channels and value proposition.

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 45 277 5285

  • Eltekon Oy

    Eltekon Oy

    Eltekon Ltd offers expert, and consultant services in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. We are specialized in the implementation of the international ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility standard.

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 40 568 5706

  • Enip Solutions Oy

    Enip Solutions Oy

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

  • Evenman Oy

    Evenman Oy

    Evenman Oy develops mobile marketing and publishing solutions. Our first product “evenman live” is the largest mobile promotion platform for live events and venues in Finland.

  • evida Oy

    evida Oy

    Our aim is to sharpen your market focus.

    Fredrikinkatu 61, FI 00100 Helsinki
    +358 40 5039712

  • Evolution Stage

    Evolution Stage


  • Exakti Intelligence Oy

    Exakti Intelligence Oy

    Exakti employs neuroscience in marketing research. We offer quantitative, benchmarkable ways to analyze consumer behavior.

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 40 530 8719

  • Eye Caramba Oy

    Eye Caramba Oy

    Black Eye brings you the gear for more advanced and unique photo-/videography on your smartphone.

  • FactoryFinder


    More info coming!

  • Fairspectrum Oy

    Fairspectrum Oy

    Fairspectrum creates a database for radio frequency management.

  • Fambit Oy

    Fambit Oy

    Fambit is a trusted online service that makes your family life easy and fun; like the fridge door online. Join here:

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

  • Familings Oy

    Familings Oy

    Familings Oy helps families to sleep more. Our main product is a cot mattress that lulls the baby or toddler asleep with movement and music.

  • Fat Lemon Entertainment Oy

    Fat Lemon Entertainment Oy

    We develop the best multiplayer games that can be played physically together by anyone - from casual kids to gamer grandads.

    Our Skill Matching technology enables people with wildly different ages and skills to equally enjoy gaming together.

    We focus on the tablet devices.

  • Finbiosoft Oy

    Finbiosoft Oy

    Finbiosoft Ltd. develops and sells software solutions for design, automatic detection and reporting of molecular diagnostic tests.

    +358 41 544 0909

  • Finrenes Oy

    Finrenes Oy

    More info coming.

  • Flow Roads Oy

    Flow Roads Oy

    Flow Roads Ltd produces audiovisual and interactive, multimedia content. The company’s first project, Totuus vai Tehtävä, is a web-based multimedia concept. The main target group for the project is 17-20-year old girls.

  • Fortune Falls

    Fortune Falls

    Fortune Falls is a professional consulting company specialized on China. It provides services for customer-specific needs cost-efficiently and flexibly.

  • Fountainment Oy

    Fountainment Oy


  • Freeapps Oy

    Freeapps Oy

    Freeapps Ltd is a sport and leisure-time mobile applications manufactured company. Corporate make ideas, designs and produces a useful mobile applications to users. Applications are available for free products and business logic is done together with a third party, which may include cities, municipalities, businesses and communities. Only some of the applications requested compensation. Freeapps Ltd's aim is to produce for domestic and international market in interesting new products.

    +358 40 702 5265

  • Frenn Company Oy

    Frenn Company Oy

    FRENN is a new fashion and lifestyle brand designing and producing sustainable, semi-formal and premium class menswear that feels good, stands out and creates credibility for the new urban living.

    FRENN clothes are designed for the urban working man. The pieces don’t distinguish between the boardroom and the café, between the bicycle and the Cabriolet. They feel comfortable from the moment you first put them on and never lose their shape. Every article of FRENN clothing is imbued with respect for the people that made it and for the natural world. The premium materials, handiwork, and iconoclastic style have strong roots: the orange button thread has come down through the decades as a sign that this is a garment worth holding onto.

  • Frogmind Oy

    Frogmind Oy

    Frogmind develops digital games based on their own IPs to digital marketplaces, such as to Apple’s AppStore and to Valve’s Steam. The founders have several years of experience in developing games to consoles and mobile devices.

    Game BADLAND

  • Fundu Oy

    Fundu Oy

    Fundu - innovatiivista rahoitusta kasvuyhtiöille

  • Furtiv Oy

    Furtiv Oy

    Social media solutions for mobile.

  • Gags Media Oy

    Gags Media Oy


  • GameLayer Oy

    GameLayer Oy

    Creating engagement and motivated behaviour with gamification.

  • Gapps Oy

    Gapps Oy

    Gapps Oy is a finnish reseller of Google's enterprise solutions.

  • Giffee


    More info coming!

  • goMob Finland Oy

    goMob Finland Oy

    goMob Finland is a digital marketing company specialising in mobile marketing and development. The company consists of senior level professionals each from their own field of expertise.

  • Hahmota Oy

    Hahmota Oy

    Human-friendly visualisation of financial data.

  • Hakema Oy

    Hakema Oy

    Hakema booking button enables instant appointments on any classified website and is easier to integrate than “Facebook Comment”.

    Betonimiehenkuja 3 A, 02150 Espoo

    +358 40 841 6616

  • Halflike Oy

    Halflike Oy

    More info coming!

  • HitSeed Oy

    HitSeed Oy

    HitSeed is a European accelerator focusing in hardware and mobility startups. Our team, network and tools help to incubate and accelerate the best growth opportunities into international success stories.

  • Hohto Labs Oy

    Hohto Labs Oy

    Best way to predict the future is to invent it.

  • Hubconcepts Oy

    Hubconcepts Oy

    A professional service company specializing in public and private sector consulting in developing innovation environments, cities and ecosystems.

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 45 3291 885

  • Huitale Oy

    Huitale Oy

    Huitale is your trusted agile and lean coach. We're helping people and organizations to find better flow of value.

  • HVO Finland Oy

    HVO Finland Oy is web-based interface and a marketplace where healthcare
    service providers and consumers meet. Our platform gives consumers an easy and effective tool for searching and comparing services and service providers receives a 21st century tools for customer management.

  • Hyvä Flow Coaching & Consulting Oy

    Hyvä Flow Coaching & Consulting Oy

    Hyvä Flow helps it's customers by personal and web coaching to improve the quality of their life, to achieve their dreams and to develop organizational functionality in a purposeful way.

  • Info Totem Oy

    Info Totem Oy

    A touchscreen revolution has begun. We create and develop content concepts at the leading edge of this change. All our products target specific needs for different markets.

  • Innorange Oy

    Innorange Oy

  • Innovamo Oy

    Innovamo Oy

    Innovamo develops innovative mobile services and solutions around NFC (Near Field Communications) technology. We investigate existing business processes and services to help determine a compelling, modern, mobile alternative. It’s not the technology, but what you can do with it that matters. Our current focus is on Healthcare industry, but we’re open to all opportunities.

    Get in touch with us and lets have a chat.

  • Innovoice Oy

    Innovoice Oy

    Hietalahdenranta 17, 00180 Helsinki

  • Integround Oy

    Integround Oy

    We want to automatize our customers business processes. Integround provides the next-generation integration platform as a service. Companies are seeking all the time new ways to cut down cost and automatizing business processes is an easy way to achieve that. We provide tools and services to our customers' so that they can reach their goals.

  • Internly Oy

    Internly Oy

    Internly is an online recruitment portal, which is match-making companies and people in need of work.

  • Intunex Oy

    Intunex Oy

    A Finnish startup company developing a unique enterprise social software that helps people solve problems beyond organizational boundaries.

  • Javier Solutions Oy

    Javier Solutions Oy

    More info coming

  • Jentafon Oy

    Jentafon Oy

    A Bluetooth headset for hearing aid users.

  • JK-Valmennus Oy

    JK-Valmennus Oy

    More info coming!

  • Jukola7 Oy

    Jukola7 Oy

  • Just IT Consulting Finland Oy

    Just IT Consulting Finland Oy

    Just IT Consulting Finland Oy is a company focusing on data governance and data management . We offer consultancy and software services to help customers manage their data in more efficient and productive way.


  • Kaista Networks Oy

    Kaista Networks Oy

    More info coming!

  • Kaveri Good Products Oy

    Kaveri Good Products Oy

    Impress your customers with premium design and wood like texture of arecagoodplates. Your customers will immediately understand your ecological values, and they don’t need to worry about plates collapsing under heavy amounts of food; the plates are strong and rigid.

    Kaveri Good Products Oy owns brand called arecagoodplates. ArecaGoodPlates are natural and high quality disposable plates made from fallen dried leaves of Areca palm tree (Areca Catechu). We design, manufacture and sell the plates in Europe.

  • Kayiwa Oy

    Kayiwa Oy

    Industrial/product design and innovation.

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 50 518 4624

  • KIDE Entertainment Oy

    KIDE Entertainment Oy

    KIDE Entertainment is a new game development company focused on bringing the mobile platform games which were made with love, not just as developers, but as gamers.


  • Kiitos Technologies Oy

    Kiitos Technologies Oy

    Kiitos makes online videos interactive. For example, you can click on a purse in a video and buy it on the spot or share it with your friends. 


  • Kokemukseni Suomi (Lasson Oy)

    Kokemukseni Suomi (Lasson Oy) is the customer experience monitoring and reporting service for H2H service providers. Investigate the experiences you create – anytime, anywhere!

  • Kompozure Oy

    Kompozure Oy

    Kompozure excels at consulting cloud computing and mobile solutions and creating Windows Azure- and Windows Phone-services in a transparent and agile manner.

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 50 368 7782

  • Koordinet Oy

    Koordinet Oy

    Koordinet co-ordinates multidisciplinary collaboration projects, supports collaboration and assists in the practical project management.

  • Kude Design Oy

    Kude Design Oy

    KUDE ®. Stop searching. The cornerstones for your wardrobe.
    Wear more, buy less!

  • Kwork Innovaatiot Oy

    Kwork Innovaatiot Oy

    Kwork Innovations develops extensions for the web. The extensions are embedded on the web site, but run in Kwork Cloud. This makes them simple to use with in-built quality and verified security. (fin) (eng) (fin) (eng)

  • Lahtela Concept

    Lahtela Concept

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

  • Lammervo & Torikka Oy

    Lammervo & Torikka Oy

    Lammervo & Torikka Oy on myynti- ja asiakaspalvelualan suorarekrytointeihin sekä henkilöstövuokraukseen erikoistunut yritys.

  • Landon Oy

    Landon Oy

    More info coming!

  • Lausumo Speech Technologies Oy

    Lausumo Speech Technologies Oy

    Lausumo develops and sells speech technology products, software and services.


  • Legalland


    Legalland is a technology startup focusing on developing online legal service platform, where lawyers can reach clients, sell and deliver legal services, and grow business completely online.


  • Lille Clothing Oy

    Lille Clothing Oy

    Our goal is to offer desirable products at an attractive price. For us, the basis for our operations is the customer. Our products are designed and produced for a specific need and we would therefore take into account customer preferences and maximize their experience of our products in every possible way. Our way to act is more dialogue than monologue.

    Our products offer new luxury to everyday life.

  • Linarc Oy

    Linarc Oy

    Reliable scenery movement, from specification to aftersales.



    LNAFIN specializes in RFIC & ASIC Design, Microwave Products, and System Integration. We have ample hands-on experience on most communication circuits and their testing, especially at microwave frequencies. Just ask for an experienced solution for any PCB, EM-simulation, measurement or IC design challenge you have, we will provide!

  • Loquiz Oü

    Loquiz Oü

    Loquiz is a platform for event professionals to easily create fun outdoor team games on tablet computers.  Anywhere.

  • LucSens Oy

    LucSens Oy

    LucSens is an energetic young team focused on bringing revolutionary computer vision applications to your phone, desktop and living room.

  • Lumia Oy

    Lumia Oy

    Lumia is the leading Finnish company in AV-automation with over 250 automated auditoriums and conference rooms. Careful usability engineering is our key to success.

  • Lumoan

  • M&M Webtrade Oy

    M&M Webtrade Oy

    More info coming.

  • Maikos Oy

    Maikos Oy

    Maikos Oy is a Finnish cosmetics manufacturer of innovative skincare products for the sports and health segment.

  • Marketing Cloud Oy

    Marketing Cloud Oy

    More information coming out soon!

  • Me2we Finland Oy

    Me2we Finland Oy

    Me2we is B2B consulting and project solving company that is concentrated defining and managing projects, that we are solving through crowdsourcing.

  • Meedoc Labs Oy

    Meedoc Labs Oy

    Instant video connection to a doctor. Available in Apple App Store.

  • Mezuria Oy

    Mezuria Oy

    A Customer Experience Service that focuses on the individuals behind the brands. Mezuria is a digital service that helps you to follow your customer experiences and recommendations in an easy way.


  • Minni f. Ronya Oy

    Minni f. Ronya Oy


  • Mobile Domination

    Mobile Domination

    We build mobile applications and mobile websites for small and medium businesses and non-profit organizations.

  • MobiLion Finland Oy

    MobiLion Finland Oy

    Business apps. that enhances the sales efforts and contacting the customers by 20-40% and giving the management an online full view to those efforts.



  • Mobiserwiz


    Goodbye queueing and traditional customer surveys. Mobiserwiz brings customer flow management to mobile age.

  • Moi&Co Oy

    Moi&Co Oy

    More information coming out soon!

  • Momeo Oy

    Momeo Oy

    Momeo Oy is developing and licensing  a browser based player and related tool set  for efficiently creating and conveying information of products and services.


  • Moodipaja Oy

    Moodipaja Oy

  • Moose's Billiard Shoes Oy Ltd.

    Moose's Billiard Shoes Oy Ltd.

    Footwear designed for the game of billiards.
    Playability, comfort and elegance made out of nordic elk leather.

    Moose's Billiard Shoes

  • Most Interesting Food Oy

    Most Interesting Food Oy

    MIF makes cooking fun and simple. We provide our customers with all the necessary ingredients to make delicious food from all over the world in exactly the right portions.

  • Motley

  • Nettimainokset Media Oy

    Nettimainokset Media Oy

    Internet-marketing and consulting


  • Neuroreact Oy

    Neuroreact Oy

    More info coming!

  • Newolo Oy

    Newolo Oy

    Newolo VirtualCoach is the market leading self-improvement cloud service that enables personal change and helps reduce work related stress through cognitive behavioral methods. Newolo is a btob offering.

  • Nextdoor


    More information coming out soon!

    +358 40 752 5322

  • Nomen Nescio Oy

    Nomen Nescio Oy

    Nomen Nescio is Helsinki based menswear label which is established in 2012.

  • Notava Oy

    Notava Oy

    Notava develops and sells a uAxes® solution enabling cellular operators to offload mobile data to own and/or leased WiFi networks in a managed way.

  • Objective-V Oy

    Objective-V Oy

    Objective-V is developing innovative mobile applications for the main mobile platforms. We have a strong strategic partner with whom the applications will be developed.
    With our super-innovative, expectionally powerful and market orientated team we aim for the best.
    In our present project we are approaching the art of networking from a new and innovative perspective.


  • Omakirja Oy

    Omakirja Oy

    Omakirja Oy (My Own Book Ltd.) tarjoaa helpon ja hauskan verkkopalvelun lahjanhankintaan tai persoonallisten historiikkien kokoamiseen.

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 44 3599 209

  • OneNordic Ab

    OneNordic Ab


  • PerfectRoute Oy

    PerfectRoute Oy

    PerfectRoute is the first navigation service for offroad users!

  • Pickdelso


    Pickdelso develops logistics solutions for trade enterprises and aims to affect picking and delivery of products so that the productivity and customer satisfaction are increased.

  • Pinnacle Helsinki Oy

    Pinnacle Helsinki Oy

    More info coming!

  • Pinta Projects

    Pinta Projects

    More info coming!

  • PlaceBeacon Oy

    PlaceBeacon Oy

    Building the world's largest private positioning network.


  • Popparazzis Oy

    Popparazzis Oy

    PL 137, 04401 Järvenpää

  • Portus Oy

    Portus Oy

    Portus Oy is a new Finnish based startup - company specialized in advanced business travel security technology, mobile applications, products and consultation services.

    Our specialized reliability, high quality products, innovations and long-term partnerships earn the company the trust and confidence of its customers.


  • Practica Ventures Oy

    Practica Ventures Oy

    More info coming.

  • PramBag


    More info coming!

  • PROimpact Oy

    PROimpact Oy

    PROimpact Oy kehittää innovatiivista verkkopalvelua Strategisen työhyvinvoinnin tehostamiseksi yrityksissä.

  • Project Papillon / SIN & REMORSE Oy

    Project Papillon / SIN & REMORSE Oy

    Project Papillon is a fashion label which has evolved through an unorthodox collaboration with a correctional institution.

    Project Papillon Facebook

  • is a technology-agnostic proximity platform for location-aware mobile and web applications. 

    The platform may be used to target and automatize different action flows that will be triggered when an application user enters a specific physical location. These action flows may contain push messages, multimedia advertisement and other content delivered to the user’s mobile device. Additionally, may be connected to any external interface, such as a CRM or campaign management system – or any IoT device, such as digital signage. Furthermore, collects detailed analytics about how users are moving inside your premises and outside of them.


  • PulseOn Oy

    PulseOn Oy

    PulseOn Oy has developed a new generation heart rate measurement device. This device could be use during sport activity and continuos personal wellness measuring purposes. There are connected new measurement technology and finnish knowledge of sport science in this device.

  • Reader Stage Oy

    Reader Stage Oy

    Reader Stage is a social publishing platform company. We enable writers and authors to publish and sell their writing and books, with an efficient e-publishing toolkit and very good earnings model.

  • (Remonttibulevardi Oy) (Remonttibulevardi Oy) is Finland's largest online marketplace for renovation projects. With the help of consumers and housing companies can easily connect with the best contractros of their area, free of charge.


  • Replendo Oy

    Replendo Oy

    Replendo helps retailers and manufacturers take the leap from staring into a crystal ball to information-based planning and operations. With our professional services for forecasting and replenishment software our customers can focus on their core competencies. Replendo offers both continuous replenishment and super user services for companies using forecasting and replenishment software as well as analysis projects and training.

    We can help you at

  • Revalo group Oy

    Revalo group Oy

    New innovative services for pricing waiting time.

    +358 40 735 7312

  • Richen Oy

    Richen Oy

    Richen Ltd is a digital specialist company. Our main focus is the enrichment of digital publications and commercial gamification products.

  • Riiheläinen-Hernesniemi Oy

    Riiheläinen-Hernesniemi Oy

  • Riskpointer Oy

    Riskpointer Oy

  • Saffa


    More info coming!

  • Salvera Oy

    Salvera Oy

    Healthcare website for every Finn. With exceptional usability and innovative tools, the user finds easily information about disease prevention, healthcare and related services.

  • Intelle Innovations Oy

    Intelle Innovations Oy

    More information coming out soon!

  • Sankarimedia Oy

    Sankarimedia Oy

    Sankarimedia Oy provides a nightlife themed social media platform for its users and advertisers.

  • Sanna Naapuri

    Sanna Naapuri

    Sanna Naapuri is a Luxury shirt brand based in Helsinki, which offers a range of printed silk shirts in a variety of prints, cuts and silk fabrics.

  • Saunayoga International Oy

    Saunayoga International Oy

    Saunayoga is a family of products with an aim to improve health and wellbeing. It is comprised of fitness, spatial design and consumer goods. Our clients are primarily different leisure and health centers in Finland and overseas.

  • Savu Management Oy

    Savu Management Oy

  • Scoopinion Oy

    Scoopinion Oy

    Behavior based news&article aggregator, news reading analytics for journalists and companies.

    +358 50 379 4642

  • Scope Associates Oy

    Scope Associates Oy

    Your partner in commercializing new products and catalyzing business growth. User understanding + Design + Manufacturing technologies + Marketing.

  • Scrooge Oy

    Scrooge Oy

    Scrooge is probably the best app for tracking costs and settling debts with friends.

  • SFonge Ltd.

    SFonge Ltd. is a virtual community for smartphone professionals for knowledge, consultancy, training and business purposes. Welcome to join our community!

  • Shirute Oy

    Shirute Oy

    Shirute Ltd is a creative, competent and enthusiastic customer experience agency delivering business excellence to systematically plan, create, manage and measure engaging customer experiences in all customer interaction channels. Our strongest competencies are customer experience research, customer experience strategy planning and customer experience design. 

    Our Customer Experience Path(R) offering can be applied to developing cross-channel customer experiences across different industries. We service clients who operate both domestically and internationally, in hospitality & travel, media, retail, telecom, and banking & insurances.

  • Significo Research Oy

    Significo Research Oy

  • SimAnalytics Oy

    SimAnalytics Oy

    SimAnalytics Oy provides simulation-modelling based solutions that support decision-making. Our products answer primarily to problems in supply chain and logistics in industrial enterprises.

  • Smarp Oy

    Smarp Oy

    Smarp Oy provides various social media related services to businesses. Smarp’s main product is the Smarp Social Media Academy, which is a cloud based learning center through which Smarp´s clients can efficiently train their employees to become safe and efficient social media users, which is beneficial for both the client company and their employees as individuals. This way Smarp’s clients can also better leverage their employees’ networks in social media for sales, marketing, and recruitment.

  • Socializer


    Web-based service for easy and understandable social media reports and statistics. We give you reports in layman’s terms.

  • Social Ark Oy

    Social Ark Oy

    Social Ark is developing a global service that provides users a fun and easy way to plan and share ideas about what to do in the near future.

    +358 50 4861 340

  • Sofistone Oy

    Sofistone Oy

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 40 551 3841

  • SolArch Oy

    SolArch Oy

    Our mission is to encourage you and your family to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing. We do that by providing best-in-class online-service to organize and manage your and your family health and wellbeing information in one place and access it easily at your fingertips.

  • Sopima Oy

    Sopima Oy

    Sopima revolutionizes the way companies create, negotiate, and control their contracts by taking the contract management process online.

  • Sortior


    More info coming!

  • SoSho Oy

    SoSho Oy

    Tinder for shoes! SoSho is a mobile app that helps you find the perfect shoes. Ask your inner circle should you buy them (or rather not) privately.

  • Sowework Oy

    Sowework Oy

    Tailored mobile applications for big organisations, brands and businesses.

  • Spatineo Oy

    Spatineo Oy

    Cloud-based analytics tools for enhancing the performance and usage of spatial web services.

  • SportSetter Oy

    SportSetter Oy

    SportSetter helps people discover great sports, health and wellness services, and helps these services meet customers on the lookout for something new.

  • Stoorilabel


    More info coming!

  • Stramos Oy

    Stramos Oy

    Stramos provides high-tech and creative product display solutions. Take product displays to new lights with unique blend of physical creativity and intriguing smart contents. Stay competitive in raising customers attention, because special products need special treatment.

  • Stylewhile Oy

    Stylewhile Oy

    Stylewhile let’s you wear fashion online.

    With our iPad optimized service you can quickly try on clothes on top of your chosen models and create your own, unique style.

  • Succession Consulting Oy

    Succession Consulting Oy

    Omistajanvaihdospalvelut yhdeltä luukulta.

  • Success Shopping Finland Oy

    Success Shopping Finland Oy

    Success Shopping Finland Oy is delivering and connecting Europe and other markets to Africa. Our core focus is on B2B sales. We have products from various categories: champagne, sparkling wine, leather bags, tablets and mobile phones.

    Check out more info at

  • Verkko-opettajat Oy

    Verkko-opettajat Oy

    Suomen Verkko-opettajat (Web Teachers Finland Ltd) offers private remedial instructional and additional tutoring via web-based solutions. We serve pupils and students in grade school and high school. Language training is offered also for adults. We strive to offer both our teachers and students the best tools and modern methods for enjoyable and efficient learning, irrespective of the physical location.

  • Super Useful Applications SUPAPPS Oy

    Super Useful Applications SUPAPPS Oy

    SUPAPPS is developing a new, alternative platform, service and business model for digital distribution of popular art: music, comics, books, art and stuff. Yeah!

  • Swappler


    Swappler is a mobile application that has been created to bring fashion designers, bloggers and customers together in a new way.

    A fashion designer can then release clothing that can be purchased allowing for the designer to get a crowd sourced feedback about different pieces and design concepts – plus they are in a position to be able to sell pieces and make money straight away.

    For the public (buyers) they get to buy unique and fresh clothing and in many cases can choose to buy LOCALLY and support their favourite designer.

    Swappler aims to bring fashion, choice and opinion into the homes of people around the world whilst at the same time helping new fashion designers launch their careers, learn and improve so they can become new success stories.

  • Synble Oy

    Synble Oy

    Synble Oy is a Finnish startup that creates mobile and web services and tools for developers.

  • Synoste Oy

    Synoste Oy

    Synoste Ltd develops novel patient friendly medical devices for treatment of skeletal deformations.

  • ThinkDo Oy

    ThinkDo Oy

  • Time4 Systems Oy

    Time4 Systems Oy

    Time4 Systems produces innovative, cost efficient time synchronization solutions. Our particular focus is providing time for mobile networks that use advanced 4G technologies.

  • Tribe Studios Oy

    Tribe Studios Oy

    Tribe Studios creates Stagecraft – a service for games that are played in one evening. Play together with friends to create unique stories.

  • Tuffi Films Oy

    Tuffi Films Oy

    The film production company Tuffi Films Ltd. was founded 
in the spring of 2010 by a producer, a director and two
 screenwriters. It aims at producing films of high artistic 
quality, both fiction and the documentary. The company is based
 on the principles of openness to different ways of working, 
“fair-trade” production methods, and sheer love of films.

  • Tunnel Ground Oy

    Tunnel Ground Oy

    A Finnish forerunner in digital comics and games.

    Tunnel Ground Subterranean Dawn was released October 2012. The comic is available on the iBookStore, the game on the AppStore.

  • Two Men and a Dog Oy

    Two Men and a Dog Oy

    Two Men and a Dog develops mobile games to the casual audience.

  • Uniqul Oy

    Uniqul Oy

    Uniqul does face recognition payments for brick and mortar retailers. We make payments fast, secure and convenient.

  • Uploud Audio Oy

    Uploud Audio Oy

    Designing interior improving and timeproof hifi speakers dressed in Speakerwear.
    Long standing conflict between great sound and looks is over.

  • Useful Stuff Oy

    Useful Stuff Oy


  • Usetrace


    The company goal is to significantly improve how software companies are able to fulfill their customers' needs. The biggest IT risk is to fail to fulfill the actual needs of the software client due to difficulties in agreeing and keeping agreements on the features of the software product. We are providing a novel automation solution that is more cost efficient than previous attempts in managing this risk.

  • VADFlow Systems Oy

    VADFlow Systems Oy

    More info coming!

  • Valomaiset Oy

    Valomaiset Oy

    Valoma’s mission is to create meaningful life to everyone in Finland. Our coaching projects related to leadership and well-being in organizations offer tools to a genuine self-awareness, presence and creating positive interaction skills. We believe that a person who knows oneself can lead herself and others better.

    Valoma - lupa loistaa

  • Valota Oy

    Valota Oy

    Valota Ltd. is a fast growing startup company, part of Aalto University incubator center in Helsinki, Finland. We specialize in integrating Intelligent Visual Communication Services tightly with our customers’ key business processes and corporate culture. 

    Our mission is to drive customer growth, innovation and productivity while optimizing operational efficiency. We do this by combining market leading Visual Communication services with our Valota 360™ Services. Valota 360™ is a pragmatic approach to transform the way people connect, innovate and collaborate internally and externally, leading to maximized business value impact of the Intelligent Visual Communication services.

  • Valvon Oy

    Valvon Oy

    More info coming!

  • Venture Bonsai Oy

    Venture Bonsai Oy

    Equity Crowdfunding for the Growth Companies.

  • Venuu Oy

    Venuu Oy – the Airbnb of event spaces.

    There are two big problems in this world. Number #1: Finding the best event venues is hard as hell. It takes hours and hours of googling, calling, emailing and visiting different places – only to land in the same boring place you were at last time. Number #2: Venue owners, big and small, lack effective sales and marketing channels to find customers.

    The solution to these problems is called Venuu. We provide an "Airbnb-kind-of" web service that makes it easy for these two parties to find each other. Good-quality pictures, all relevant information, a powerful search, customer's all there. Venuu is free for the users – we charge a yearly subscription fee from the venues.

    Although we're launching the service only in the end of September, we already have plenty of paying customers in the Helsinki area. You can check out the cool venues that have jumped onboard during the first 5 weeks of selling at

  • Verco Oy

    Verco Oy

    Verco Ltd. is privately held Finnish professional services provider that develops value-adding services and solutions for Sopima and Efecte products.

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 40 589 5121

  • Visionbay Solutions Oy

    Visionbay Solutions Oy

    Visionbay Solutions Oy provides a brand new way for organizations to utilize data and gain competitive advantage. 

    Sumit Core Business Management solution is a powerful cloud-based system with a user-friendly interface. 

    It combines all business intelligence tools into a seamless package helping organizations increase their efficiency, transparency and profitability. ​


  • Warrantify Oy

    Warrantify Oy

    Warrantify works in the field of e-commerce providing users with the most reliable storage solution for all their warranties and receipts.

  • Weegos Oy

    Weegos Oy

    Weegos is a peer-to-peer car rental service which allows private car owners to make their vehicles available for rental to the public.


  • Wevolve Oy

    Wevolve Oy


  • Whereabts Oy

    Whereabts Oy

    With Whereabts you can quickly share your moments with others around and it helps you to see and find what's happening, here, there or wherever you're going to.


  • Wikistudia Oy

    Wikistudia Oy

    Wikistudia produces learning materials for primary school use. Student, teacher or caregiver can use the content the way they feel is the best.

    Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki

    +358 44 355 1875

  • Wiseman Softworks Ay

    Wiseman Softworks Ay

    Our main spheres of activity are web-analytics, web-design and web-development.

  • WordNerd Oy

    WordNerd Oy

    Efficient Language Service Provider for Start-Ups.

  • Zeta Design Oy

    Zeta Design Oy


  • Zoined Oy

    Zoined Oy

    Zoined develops Fact based decision making service for retail sector where Business Intelligence reporting, analytics and social collaboration services merge as ready to use cloud computing solution.

    Service scales and multiplies easily to different companies and scales, but maun terget group is small and middle sized companies that find current offering of Business Intelilgence solutions too expensive and complex.

  • Zonga Oy

    Zonga Oy

    Zonga is a finnish service innovation offering mobile broadband rental service to travelers. Zonga Mobile Wi-Fi - Rent a Mobile Broadband.

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