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Arabus Story

Entrepreneurship in the creative fields is growing. The Arabus business incubator has had the mission of boosting these creative entrepreneurs for 13 years. Over 150 companies have completed the incubation process, of which 85 % still continue their operations. As a result, many success stories have emerged in terms of both profitability and employment growth.

Long-time rector of Aalto School of Arts and Design Yrjö Sotamaa and administrative director Pekka Saarela were key figures when the incubator was founded in Arabianranta in 1997. Affecting the decision were concerns over the scarcity of entrepreneurship in creative fields and the will to boost the area’s business activity.  Now the development of arts and design -based entrepreneurship is significantly taken into account in governmental programs.

In developing the incubator it was always important to create and maintain a distinctly creative profile. In this line, Arabus operated in the training and development center of the former Helsinki School of Arts and Design until 2008.

In 2009 Arabus moved from Arabianranta to the facilities of the Small Business Center in Ruoholahti, to accompany the other entities of Aalto Start-Up Center.

The move to the Start-Up Center has enabled the birth of a multidisciplinary environment where entrepreneurs of creative fields can thrive. They can utilize an exceptional entrepreneurship hub as well as the considerable resources of Aalto University.  The Small Business Center with its services for creative fields will continue to offer high quality training, coaching, facilities and networking for innovative start-ups involved in design, media, performing arts, and sports.

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