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Mentoring Service

Accelerator's connection to the business world is fixed. Accelerator provides experienced business leaders as mentors to the accelerator start-ups. Also business accelerator offers customer and partner relationships between companies.

Accelerator provides the entrepreneurs with an extensive and experienced network of business professionals.





The overall objective of mentoring is to develop the subject of mentoring in the company ("mentee") operations and capacity-building over the long term as well as the activities involved in networking.


The aim is to find each company a suitable mentor for their situation, needs and development phase. Consideration will be given to the Mentor's background, expertise, and interests with regard to companies. The goal is compatibility.


The role of the Mentor

The mentor acts as an advisor and supporter of the accelerator start-up rather than as a consultant. The mentor brings prestige, experience, contacts, big picture thinking, understanding and new ways of thinking.


Contents of activity

Mentors act on a voluntary basis with perseverance, transparency and confidentiality. Action is based on mutual engagement and a two-way process between the mentor and mentee.


Start-Up Center coordinates the mentor, and may Mentor and mentee together. A mentor can be introduced to potential businesses in personal meetings, or possibly at an organized events.


At the start of the formal mentoring term, the accelerator start-up (mentee) and agreed mentor will sign a mentoring agreement provided by the Start-Up Center.


The mentor and mentee agree the objectives, mode of operation and a meeting schedule with each other.


Start-Up Center will assist the mentor- as well as working in collaboration with the Mentor for the development of the mentee.


Start-Up Center provide organizes various events related to mentoring. Start-Up Center to provide the Mentoring information.


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