Business Accelerator


 Aalto Start-Up Center DEVELOPMENT PHASE

The first goal in the development program is to go through the company's business and to model it using the correct tools. Strategic alternatives, policies and focus points. Definition of customer value, knowledge of the competition and supply. While at the same time looking at the companies planned seed capital.

The next step is the operational sales program. During this period, the cornerstones of sales, sales processes and sales action plan are defined. Practical sales training is also provided.

Finally, to ensure the company's growth. This is done by going through the challenges of growth, designing growth management, ensuring the necessary resources, as well as by securing financial growth.

Each section of the development program is developed by a recognized expert in the area and its implementation in the accelerator is supported by experienced business advisors. The programs consist of short data packets, group work, and provided in a timely matter for the target companies. These development programs contain a wealth of practical exercises and personal advice.

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