Chainfrog invites you to a blockhain seminar in Helsinki

16.11.2017 Now is a unique opportunity to hear and see what is new with the blockchain technology.

Wellmo’s wellness platform lands in Germany (goodnewsfinland.com)

13.11.2017 Aalto Start-Up Center's portfolio company has announced a new collaboration with German telehealth company Sanvartis.

EEE Innovations keksintö auttaa havaitsemaan mustan jään liikenteessä

10.11.2017 Aalto Start-Up Centerin portfolioyrityksellä on käynnissä rahoituskierros

Aalto Start-Up Center news November 2017

03.11.2017 There's a lot going on in Aalto Start-Up Center at the end of this year. To mention a few:  Slush, our 20th year anniversary, moving preparations and a renewed website!

Startups and president met at the Startup Sauna

25.10.2017 Aalto Start-Up Center was proud to be part of the state visit of HE President of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda to Aalto University Startup Sauna. Eight Polish startups were part of the delegation and we brought also some of our startups to pitch, meet and mingle.

AppGyver keräsi miljoonarahoituksen (lähde:Talouselämä)

13.10.2017 Aalto Start-Up Centerin alumniyrityksen rahoittajina ovat virolainen ja suomalainen pääomasijoitusyhtiö.

Women in Tech forum highlights - Europan Space Agency and Finland

12.10.2017 The bi-annual Women in Tech Forum in Helsinki brought on stage also European Space Agency Chief Diversity Officer Ersilia Vaudo Scarpetta.

Lean methodology helps you validate your business idea quickly

28.09.2017 If you are an entrepreneur or a startup and struggling to get the right audience and customers, I would acclaim Lean workshop hosted by Digirockstars at Microsoft Flux is one of the best workshops to be present and this will be an interesting article for you.  

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