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  • Afectar Oy

    Afectar Oy

    More info coming!

  • Chainfrog Oy

    Chainfrog Oy

    Chainfrog Oy is a software development company specialising in adding blockchain functionality and connectivity to your company's database systems with a product called Blockbinder. Our Blockbinder product connects blockchains and databases seamlessly without extra effort. We have ten years combined blockchain experience, and an agile startup approach. Our IP/product portfolio is backed by 6 patents pending in the US. The company is also available for blockchain consultancy, partnering and development services.

  • Circular Devices Oy

    Circular Devices Oy

    We are passionate about making the world of hardware sustainable without compromising on quality and profitability. We have experience in hardware, design, business development and project management. We love to work with people who recognize that the future of hardware is in sustainable, practical products and investments that can be delivered today.

    Our projects integrate human-centred design, circular economy, hardware sustainability, and ecodesign in a way that reduces risk and maximizes profitability.

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  • Cloud Asset Oy

    Cloud Asset Oy

    More info coming.

  • CollectiveCrunch Oy

    CollectiveCrunch Oy

    CollectiveCrunch is a firm that 'collects' data from Internet-of-Things sensors and climate data in order to process ('crunch') these data for valuable insights. We see technical data in the context of climate data. Fields of activity include:

    -  SmartForestry, where we work with partners to optimise processes, supply  chains and other operational challenges that suggest a big data approach

    -  SmartCities and Digital Health, where we model a city's microclimate and air quality

    -  SmartBuildings, where our city-wide climate and pollution data can be utilised to improve the management of buildings, save energy and reduce their carbon footprint

    -  Industry 4.0, where we improve Predictive Maintenance of outdoor assets and machinery by factoring in climate data

    For more information visit

  • Consight Oy

    Consight Oy

    Construction field management in mobile

    Consight is providing construction field management for better cooperation as well as quality, task, safety and document management in the projects with easy to use mobile tools.

    Consight´s first app is developed for construction site management. There are powerful features like tasks and observations transmissions of the project´s parties and checklists of the inspections available. The app is designed specially for supervisors, inspectors, foremen and construction workers. The App can be used with Android and iOS devices with the online web control panel which can be used also for monitoring of the projects.

  • Cryon Ltd

    Cryon Ltd

    Well-being from extreme cold. The business is based on innovation in cryotherapy to be applied in improving health and well-being.  The aim is to commercialize the innovation (pat.pend.).

  • DDShape


    More info coming.

  • Dear Customer

    Dear Customer

    More info coming

  • EEE Innovations Oy

    EEE Innovations Oy

    The business idea of the company is to commercialize traffic optimization solutions and road slipperiness detection, both developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and offer ICT services based on them for heavy-duty vehicles and public transport. In addition, the company constantly develops new features to its services and tailors its software according to customers' needs. Data collected from vehicles is refined to information and sold to third parties.


  • Faraday Fast Rentals & Services Oy

    Faraday Fast Rentals & Services Oy

    Faraday is a car sharing solution which is revolutionizing transportation for companies and private owners by making cars more accessible through the use of our technology. We put our technology in cars, the web, and on mobile devices to make cars more easily located, accessed, and shared – all to the profit of owners and the convenience of drivers.

  • Floud


    Floud is developing a mobile-first ticket office that is disrupting how people organize and experience events. Floud combines a truly engaging viral promotion platform with a light and low-cost sales channel.

  • Forethink Oy

    Forethink Oy

    Forethink is a company to innovate and productize scalable digital services.

    'Vaikutin' is the first product from Forethink. It is an affiliate marketing platform for publishers with innovative user experience.

  • Go-Trade Oy

    Go-Trade Oy

    Go-Trade on elintarvikkeiden maahantuontia ja myyntikonsultointia harjoittava yritys.

  • Gurufield Oy

    Gurufield Oy

    We help organizations turn heavy data collection, analysis and publishing routines into simple and user friendly processes.

  • Haituva Innovations Oy

    Haituva Innovations Oy

    Innoduel on maailman helpoin työkalu ihmisten osallistamiseen. Innoduel auttaa sinua tekemään parempia päätöksiä, sillä sen avulla saat helposti vastauksen esittämääsi kysymykseen.

  • In & In Oy

    In & In Oy

    More info coming!

  • Insite Finland Oy

    Insite Finland Oy

    Insite Finland is here to help you acquire new customers and boost your search engine visibility by building a Google integrated 360° virtual tour of your business premises. For more info, visit or contact us by email info(a)

  • Intellipocket Oy

    Intellipocket Oy

    Intellipocket on vuonna 2009 perustettu suomalainen kasvuyritys, joka vie kanta-asiakkuuden uudelle tasolle. Yritys keskittyy mobiileihin kanta-asiakas- ja jäsensovelluksiin, jotka personoidaan realiajassa yrityksen omalla sovelluskaupalla.

    Intellipocket Studio on verkossa toimiva työkalu, jolla PK-yritykset luovat oman mobiilin kanta-asiakaskortin. Palvelu sisältää ilmaisen 30.päivän kokeilu jakson.

  • LAC Camera Systems Oy

    LAC Camera Systems Oy

    LAC Camera Systems is developing a novel and exciting camcorder primarily targeted to extreme sport enthusiasts. However, away from ski slopes, skate parks and sport arenas it is equally well suited to capturing enchanting video clips of everyday life.

  • Lamia Oy

    Lamia Oy

    Lamia is a leading Finnish e-commerce solutions provider. Our trademark is customer-centric solutions strengthened by effective technologies.

    We bring both a strong technology and design focus, along with vast expertise in modern e-commerce business development.

  • Wellmo - Mobile Wellness Systems MWS Oy

    Wellmo - Mobile Wellness Systems MWS Oy

    Wellmo is a cloud-based mobile platform for insurance companies.

    We enable effective, engaging and scalable digital and mobile health services. Our team consists of world leading experts in mobile user experience, engagement and the digital health services ecosystem.


  • MyAgent


    Vuonna 2014 perustettu MyAgent on joustavien ja kustannustehokkaiden henkilöstöpalvelujen edelläkävijä. MyAgentilla tarjoamme joustavalla ja  kustannustehokkaalla ratkaisulla tiimistämme etänä työskentelevän assistentin tai assistentteja yrittäjän tai yrityksen asiantuntijoiden käyttöön. Tavoitteenamme on tehostaa asiakkaidemme toimintakykyä, jotta he voivat keskittää ajankäyttönsä ja osaamisensa ydinliiketoimintansa kannalta olennaisimpiin asioihin.

    Assistenttimme ovat korkeakoulutettuja, suomalaisia moniosaajia, jotka toimivat MyAgentin työsopimuksen ja salassapitosopimuksen alaisina. Assistentti säilyy samana ja toimii asiakasyrityksen kanssa henkilökohtaisessa yhteistyössä. Olemme täysin kotimainen yhtiö.


  • Onrego Oy

    Onrego Oy

    Onrego developes innovative cloud services that revolutionize the management of IT-infrastructure. Onrego offers brand new, risk free and cost efficient way to leverage Microsoft's leading technology uniquely from the cloud.

    For more information, check out:

  • Sentarum Neuroscience

    Sentarum Neuroscience

    More info coming!

  • Smartifier Oy

    Smartifier Oy

    Smartifier's goal is to make everyday things smarter in order to create more engaging and valuable product experiences across the entire product lifecycle of everyday consumer goods: from marketing, to in-store retail, to product use.

  • Surgify Medical Oy

    Surgify Medical Oy

    In many fields of surgery and dentistry, bone has to be cut or removed without damaging the proximal soft structures. Surgify develops new solutions to protect these structures and to prevent associated complications.

  • Teraloop


    Teraloop is developing the breakthrough in utility scale storage to realize the full potential of renewable energy.

  • Yanisan Oy

    Yanisan Oy

    More info coming.

  • Zenopt Oy

    Zenopt Oy

    Zenopt does workforce management & optimization software. We are bringing workforce management into a new era with a software that can genuinely optimize and automate the shift planning. By automatically adapting the shifts to the real workload, costs can be saved and service levels improved at the same time.

  • ZenTreasury Oy

    ZenTreasury Oy

    ZenTreasury is an easy to use and cost effective cloud based Treasury Management System (TMS) provided as a SaaS solution.

  • Zimios Oy

    Zimios Oy

    Zimios is a company specialised in IT support Services providing on-site and remote system troubleshooting and support, disaster recovery and consultancy. We cover every aspect of IT infrastructure support, from installations to complete maintenance services on Linux and Windows systems.

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