Venuu Oy – the Airbnb of event spaces. 

There are two big problems in this world. Number #1: Finding the best event venues is hard as hell. It takes hours and hours of googling, calling, emailing and visiting different places – only to land in the same boring place you were at last time. Number #2: Venue owners, big and small, lack effective sales and marketing channels to find customers.
The solution to these problems is called Venuu. We provide an "Airbnb-kind-of" web service that makes it easy for these two parties to find each other. Good-quality pictures, all relevant information, a powerful search, customer's all there. Venuu is free for the users – we charge a yearly subscription fee from the venues. 
Although we're launching the service only in the end of September, we already have plenty of paying customers in the Helsinki area. You can check out the cool venues that have jumped onboard during the first 5 weeks of selling at

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